Construction IS NOW COMPLETE !

Commercial Aquaponics Farm

Teach a man to fish and you feed him till stocks run out 

An issue of great importance to us is sustainability. In order to address this issue with our mission in India we have embarked on a project that brings together fish farming and hydroponics. This process is called "aquaponics", and has the potential to have a huge impact not only on our Children's Home, but the entire community as well! 

Fresh vegetables and healthy protein sources are expensive in India and an aquaponics farm provides both at a very low cost. Our initial pilot system was set up in March 2014 to supply vegetables and fish for the residents and staff of the Children's home. Land was purchased and a commercial system was constructed in early 2015. This expanded system provides for the Home and will begin production for sale to the people in the surrounding village.

We cannot adequately describe to you how important this project is to the long-term success and viability of our Children's Home and related work in India! Initially it has provided high quality, low cost nutrition for our kids, and over the long term it will provide employment and much needed revenue for the widows, staff salaries and other operating costs as the Home grows!

Although we only have a few children in the home as of today, we can already foresee that number growing to 100 in just the next two years! Partner with us today for the future of the children and widows.


Leveling the Property

Teach a man to GROW fish and you feed him for a lifetime!




Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. 

Aquaponics Build by our Team from Canada!