Micro Enterprises

We believe that empowering whole communities to break the cycle of poverty through self-sustaining initiatives is a significant key to transformation.  We are working with the local communities to develop strategies for launching micro enterprises. 

We have purchased land for the Aquaponics Micro Enterprise.  In February 2015 a team from Canada built the expanded system.  We also installed a Generator and Bore Well. 

We require funds for:
  • Truck to transport produce. 
  • Produce storage and retail building

Read More about the Aquaponics Micro Enterprise


Arrangements have been made for our children to be enrolled in the local school.

We also provide daily free tutoring for the poor families in the community.



Current Projects

Lighthouse Children's Home

We currently have 20 children in the home and have hired two widows to care for them.  More children are on the waiting list to come into the home!  To be able to accomplish this we will need to add an addition to the home.  This will have the capacity for up to 75 children. 

 We still require the following for the home:

  • Beds, Mattresses and Blankets
  • School Supplies

Monthy costs to support the children are $50/child.  This provides a home, care giver, nutritious food, fresh water medical care, and school fees and supplies.

See Photos of our Home and Children