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Benefiting Children at Risk

Our mission:

Bring Hope and Restoration to the poor in Remote Regions

KAIO India aims to rebuild hope where it’s been damaged or lost. We work with those in the most desperate situations, the children who are abandoned through the death of their parents, the marginalized of a society - the dalits  - who because of where they were born are cast out from their society, exploited and abused. These orphans and dalit children are the most vulnerable to being trafficked both into sexual slavery as well as forced labor.  We also work with the destitute widows who choose not to abandon their children in spite of their dire situations.  Children living in such poverty are also targeted by traffickers as the parents are deceived into selling their children. 

While the issue of human trafficking has begun to come out in the open and many groups are now advocating for and rescuing children already caught up in this vile industry, we have chosen to focus our attention on prevention. We are working with our partners, a registered charity in India, to ensure that the huge numbers of vulnerable children they are working with are safe from traffickers. Our projects include small-scale construction projects, shelter for children and widows, food aid, educational opportunities and micro enterprises.  Our vision is to work on creating the most well equipped societies within these villages. 






Our children are given the opportunity to attend school as well as benefit from private tutoring which we also offer to poor families in the community. Our mission also facilitates access for the "dalit" children to attend school. 

Micro Enterprise

A Core value of KAIO India is to restore dignity to people by assisting them to become self sustaining.  We have expanded our Aquaponics system so it is capable of providing fresh organic food.

   ORPHANAGE       Phase 2 of the Lighthouse Children's Home is now complete.  This building is situated in a remote village in Andhra Pradesh (South India) is now the new home for 23 orphaned and abandoned children and 3 widows who are employed as  caregivers for the children.